Web Site Development Services available

At Vision Computer Systems we can offer services in the web site development area to match your needs. We have extensive industry experience across all industry sectors.

If you cannot see the service you require or you're not sure what service you need just drop us an enquiry and we'll get back to you and discuss your options.


Web Site Development

We have a variety of programes to promote your business to the world on the Internet. The following plans have been structured to allow you several entries but of course they are not exaustive, we would certainly welcome the opportunity to sit down and discuss a multitude of options to suit your needs. Our plans are:

  • One Page Business Shingle ($556)

  • Three Page Business Profile & Information Site ($1,125)

  • Six to Eight Page Professional Business Site($2,450)

  • Serious Internet Professional Business Site($4,750)

We have the knowledge and experience to add any extra features deemed appropriate for your needs

Initiating a web presence with long term strategies is the first step in making the Internet work for you. You need to be comfortable with each step, you need to be convinced of the objectives and the direction being taken. We offer a three phased approach to allow the user time to assess both the results of each stage and assess their changing requirements as they become more experienced with what the Internet has to offer.

Page development from colour co-ordination, graphic design, layout, text fonts, graphic creation, annimated graphics, navigation tools, services offered, required scripts, on-line forms, database backends are all options available.

We effectively design 2 sites, a Public view and an Administrative view. The public view speaks for it's self, whereas the Administrative allows the user access to make changes at any time to dynamic information sets. The results of order forms, enquiry forms, in fact any information gathering feature will be stored in a database that becomes an information store for the user.

Dynamic information sets may be product data (product title, description, photo, prices etc), rates information (product prices, accommodation rates) , specifications etc infact anything that needs or by it's very nature changes regularly.
As information is changed those changes are stored in the database. As the website information is published from the database the changes are immediate.


Very Professional Job - Well Done

Not only do we have all our company information available for our prospective clients to view at all times, we now have an upto date company profile available and a photo gallery of past and present projects.
We are fast becoming much more computer literate and starting to do a lot more business via the Internet.

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