The Web Site Development Services We Offer

At Vision Computer Systems we can offer services in the web site development area to match your needs. We have extensive industry experience across all industry sectors.

If you cannot see the service you require or you're not sure what service you need just drop us an enquiry and we'll get back to you and discuss your options.


Web Site Development

We have a variety of programes to promote your business to the world on the Internet. The following plans have been structured to allow you several entries but of course they are not exaustive, we would certainly welcome the opportunity to sit down and discuss a multitude of options to suit your needs. Our plans are:

  • One Page Business Shingle ($556)

  • Three Page Business Profile & Information Site ($1,125)

  • Six to Eight Page Professional Business Site($2,450)

  • Serious Internet Professional Business Site($4,750)

We have the knowledge and experience to add any extra features deemed appropriate for your needs

Initiating a web presence with long term strategies is the first step in making the Internet work for you. You need to be comfortable with each step, you need to be convinced of the objectives and the direction being taken. We offer a three phased approach to allow the user time to assess both the results of each stage and assess their changing requirements as they become more experienced with what the Internet has to offer.

Page development from colour co-ordination, graphic design, layout, text fonts, graphic creation, annimated graphics, navigation tools, services offered, required scripts, on-line forms, database backends are all options available.

We effectively design 2 sites, a Public view and an Administrative view. The public view speaks for it's self, whereas the Administrative allows the user access to make changes at any time to dynamic information sets. The results of order forms, enquiry forms, in fact any information gathering feature will be stored in a database that becomes an information store for the user.

Dynamic information sets may be product data (product title, description, photo, prices etc), rates information (product prices, accommodation rates) , specifications etc infact anything that needs or by it's very nature changes regularly.
As information is changed those changes are stored in the database. As the website information is published from the database the changes are immediate.


Web Site Plans

The "One Page Business Shingle" - Is a very convenient one page image presentation that explains who you are, what you do and how to contact you. This could be your entry point where you are able to gauge the response and build your own experience and further develop your long term needs.
PRICE: - $556

The "Three Page Business Profile & Information Site" - Incorporating the above and continueing the theme across an 'About Us' page and an 'Enquiry form page' - backed by a username and password secure information database storing your client enquiry details. The details are easily maintained and follow up information can be added at any time. This plan will allow you to be interactive with your clients and be able to gather their information for direct marketing.
PRICE: - $1,125

The "Six to Eight Page Professional Business Site" - Incorporating all of the above, including

The "Six to Eight Page Professional Business Site" - Incorporating all of the above, including

  • Extra flash (animated graphics) business profile presentation,

  • The services you offer can be dynamically featured,

  • Your product range dynamically displayed,

  • Contact details.

All dynamic data is backed by a username and password secure information database Content Management System) storing your dynamic data for further display and processing.
PRICE: - $2,450

The "Serious Internet Professional Business Site" - A Nine to Twenty Page site incorporating all of the above plus much more. Included facilities range from:

  • Important linkage pages,

  • Community involement and sponsorship recognition,

  • Employment opportunities including application requirements and submission facilities.

  • Local weather radar and temperature readings for any area,

  • On demand video play,

  • Product catalogue,

  • Staff introduction pages,

  • Photo Galleries,

A complete secure logon access only Administrative site allowing online content management, with facilities to add, edit or delete any dynamic site information at any time.
PRICE: - $4,750

"EXTRAS (POA)" Required customised extras will be analysed, designed and costed then added to the overall project.

  • Email address farming with promotional email template generation allows you to gain approved client email addresses and build an email marketing asset. Within the Administrative system you will have the facility to create your own email marketing templates. The system will allow you to bulk send your templete to all, by town or post code destinations.

  • Full online product catalogue with sales and invoicing facilities. Fully custom built for your needs.

All sites include graphics production, required custom scripting, secure backend access to database storage and information maintenance (Content Management System) when required.

Prices are GST Exclusive and extra costs include domain name registration and ongoing web site hosting.


Domain Name Registration

As a licenced reseller of domain names Vision Computer Systems are able to complete all the paperwork required and receive priority service when you need to register your domain name. We are able to assess your selected name and advise on acceptability and the chances of it being accepted.
An internet domain name is an extension of your business and should be protected as such. Vision Computer Systems can register your domain name (even if you have no immediate intention to develop a web presence) and protect it for you. We will monitor the registration details and the renewal dates to make sure you're not denied what should be truly yours.


Domain Name Management

As a licenced reseller domain name management is one of our core activities. We will protect your use of the registered name, make sure your company asset is not abused or used incorrectly. Part of our service is to monitor external links or references to your domain name making sure they are approved and acceptable reference sites. Vision Computer Systems are able manage the renewal of your site so as you have no need to worry about your registered use or the site expiring and goinfg into general availability.

We also make sure your 'whois' data is up to date and complies with all regulations.


Web Site Marketing

Website marketing is such a new and exciting area of study and of course in any new field there is always a variety of scams, misconceptions and untruths peddled for a quick dollar.
The best idea is to take a good look at where you want to be, who you think your audience is, identify your budget and work out an ongoing longterm strategy. The overall marketing strategies cover two distinct phases.

  • The initial stage is the launch of the site, where you attempt to let everyone know that your site is up and going and you want them to visit.

  • The second and ongoing stage is where you need to follow up and optimise your site to make sure you maintain or improve your prescence or position in search engine results.

To successfully market your Web site you need to run an on-going campaign, just as you would for any other product or service. We've identified a number of components which we cover below. Not all apply to every Web site, and the emphasis on each component may vary according to your situation. They include:

  • Publish your Web site with Internet search engines and directories

  • Issuing a press release

  • Obtaining links from other Web sites

  • Running on-site events

  • Conducting a direct e-marketing campaign

  • Integrating your traditional marketing and sales prog

  • Measuring your results

  • Ongoing monitoring and optimisation

  1. Publish Your Web Site with Internet Search Engines and Directories
    The objective here is to get your Web site listed in the Internet's equivalent of the yellow pages. This is probably the most cost effective way of reaching prospects who otherwise may not be aware of your company. Once listed, prospects who search on these directories can find your site.
    There are hundreds of sites where you can announce your site. Each typically falls into one of six categories: 1) search engines; 2) announcement sites; 3) general directories; 4) geographic sites; 5) specific-interest sites; or 6) selective sites.

    Your announcement should coincide with the completion of your site, not before because prospects who click to a site still under construction are unlikely to return.

  2. Issuing a Press Release A press release allows you to reach prospects through publications that cover your topic of interest. A release needs to be coordinated with the launch of your site (or it's not news) and may be distributed by e-mail, newswire, fax or mail.

  3. Obtaining Links From Other Web Sites There are two types of links: 1) one-way links to your Web site; and 2) two-way links where you provide a return link to the other Web site.
    Getting a link simply requires finding sites that have a reason for pointing to you, then asking for the link. If a site acts as a resource for information that resides on your site, the owners of the site will probably want to point to you.
    If you can't get them to point to your main page, then ask for a link to your page that contains the specific information.

    Seek out partners for trading links including vendors, suppliers and providers of complimentary products.

  4. Running On-Site Events Running events on your site is an excellent way to encourage repeat traffic. You'll want to begin running events once traffic from your site launch begins to fade. Examples include contests, games, on-line interviews, chat sessions and audio broadcasts.

  5. Conducting a Direct e-Marketing Campaign Direct e-marketing on the Internet is in its formative stages. You can send your message in e-mail or HTML format; preferrably to willinmg recipients.
    The trend in direct e-marketing is in "push" technologies and services. These allow you to send regularly scheduled messages and other content to individuals who have signed up to receive it. The business models for these technologies are still in definition, but they deserve attention and testing.
    Gathering customer emails and contact details when they make an equiry or a booking or purchase a product can be used for direct emailing campaigns. Simple reward systems whjere the customer joined the preferred customer group to receive extra discounts is also a good source of direct email addresses.

  6. Integrating Your Traditional Marketing and Sales Programs Start by including your Web site address on your flyers, letterheads and brochures. If there are advantages to delivering services, programs or information through your Web site, then provide an incentive in your traditional materials to get customers to go to your site for fulfillment.

    Your comapny vehicles rear bumperbar is a very high focus area while travelling the roads, especially in traffic.

  7. Measuring your results You need to measure the effectiveness of your expenditure, you do it for all other business expenditure why not web marketing strategies.

    To measure the effectiveness of each component of your campaign, first determine where your traffic originates. Then measure what individuals do once they get to your site to determine if traffic generated from one source is more valuable than others.
    Note that this is different than measuring the effectiveness of the site itself. With data in hand, you can begin the process of fine-tuning your Web site marketing programs.

    A simple and inexpensive source of market response is your web site statistics analysis. Each of our sites maintains a wealth of site staitistics from the number of unique visitors, where they came from, how long they were viewing a page, what key words they used to find you, what time of the day and many other factors can be viewed for any period.
    This analysis is not conclusive but does identify activity or nonactivity trends.

Even though the Internet marketing industry is very young, it is vibrant, dynamic, confusing, full of pot holes but used properly and within budget can be very productive.


Application Development

Tailor made applications developed to your specifications to suit your environment. Whether it's a fully interactive on-line solution or an in-housebusiness process solution or both we can deliver the solution using the latest software.

The creation of interactive forms, survey documents, feedback forms, online booking systems, flash presentations are only a few examples of web based applications for your web site or company intranet.


eBusiness Consultation

If your internet solution requires database backend, server side solutions, simple scripting, or complete shopping cart and direct debit links we have the solution for you. The industry is changing on a daily basis, new and faster options appear every day, an intergrated solid base platform that builds with you (ie scalable) is the preferred way to go.


Web Site Hosting

Vision Computer Systems in association with Atrium-Online deliver a web site hosting service at very competitive prices. We employ the latest is software Operating Systems and development environments. Our secure servers are backed up off-site twice a day.

If you need fast response times we are connected into the backbone of a large ISP's Internet pipe.Our server site shares the same security and power supply demanded by our ISP.
Our monthly hosting service doesn't demand a set-up fee and all site statistics are available to the user via a graphical user interface into the site. Most sites are built with Administrative features requiring nominated administrative users to enter an account and password to gain entry


Very Professional Job - Well Done

Not only do we have all our company information available for our prospective clients to view at all times, we now have an upto date company profile available and a photo gallery of past and present projects.
We are fast becoming much more computer literate and starting to do a lot more business via the Internet.

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