IT Support Services available

At Vision Computer Systems we can offer any service to match your needs. We have extensive industry experience across all industry sectors.

If you cannot see the service you require or you're not sure what service you need just drop us an enquiry and we'll get back to you and discuss your options.


Business Advice

We are able to advise about the pathways available for your company in relation to business processes and the implementation of business computing strategies. Vision Computer Systems provide highly professional business advice and long term IT solutions to build relationships which add value and enhance our clients' ability to achieve their own goals. We pride ourselves on high standards of ethical conduct and professionalism, together with our determination to excel in the provision of proactive and tailored services.


Business Process Analysis

An analysis of your business processes in action may highlight some current deficiencies and with minor modification make the process more efficient. When was the last time you benchmarked your processes. When was the last time you bench marked your complete business against the industry standard? Do you actively monitor your industry KPI's? (Key Performance Indicators) There may be a process that your not happy with, let us investigate the industry and then compare the outcomes - an honest anlaysis will be supplied.


Network Consultancy and Maintenance

Together with our network of specialists we can offer consultancy and maintenance for the smallest to the largest of networks. We can liaise with industry experts to clear the way and make sure that the most appropriate long term solution at the best price is selected.


Business Internet Analysis

Are you and your business internet ready? Are you aware of the massive potential the internet offers? You need to assess what your business can gain from an internet presence. Can you direct more clients to generate more sales for less cost? Do you need an interactive, static or a complete direct debit site? Vision Computer Systems can help you through the maze of questions and options to make sure the correct decissions are made.


Computer Training

Are your staff making the most of your computer applications? Is training required? We have qualified trainers in all Microsoft desktop applications to suit you. We can successfully upskill your staff on a one-to-one basis, groups of 6 or even develop and deliver the training on-line at your site. We can develop tailor made training modules to suit variable learning styles and differing degrees of knowledge.


Off-Site Security

Ever wondered what you would do if your office or plant was burnt to the ground? How would you rebuild you files? Registered software licences are not the problem, its the accumulated transaction data that will cost you the most to recover. Some insurance policies do not cover the recreation costs, they may cover the costs of reloading, but not the recreation of the data.

One sure way to overcome the cost of rebuilding after a tradgety is to engage Vision Computer Systems to secure your off-site transaction files.

In most cases we can even arrange for a collaborating company to allow you the use of their computer to process important transactions for an interum period. This service will allow you to get up and running in approximately 24 hours. (the interval between backup processes will determine the amount of data required to re-input). This service would need to be pre-arranged and incorporated into your Disaster Recovery Strategy.


Very Professional Job - Well Done

Not only do we have all our company information available for our prospective clients to view at all times, we now have an upto date company profile available and a photo gallery of past and present projects.
We are fast becoming much more computer literate and starting to do a lot more business via the Internet.

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