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At Vision Computer Systems we can offer services in the web site development and ongoing marketing via our SEO services to match your needs. We have extensive industry experience across all industry sectors.

If you cannot see the service you require or you're not sure what service you need just drop us an enquiry and we'll get back to you and discuss your options.


Search Engine Optimisation

Ongoing monitoring and optimisation Your site needs optimisation at least once a month. Resubmission needs to occurr on many search engines and in the more popular engines manual submissions need to be made relative to their individual criteria. Some engines only need an annual submission, others drop your site because you fall outside their guidelines.

Keywords need to be revised and changed to reflect your changing image, perceptions, attitudes, new markets, change of focus or the latest advertising campaign.

The relationship between keywords and page content needs to be relative and constantly monitored to make sure your site fits in with the search engine algorithms. Slightly changing your front page to reflect your current situation (i.e change in product focus, change in client focus, new building, new product launch)requires further development of your key words.

Any new content needs to be proof read, proof read and proof read to make sure the content is correct. Line checking needs to be performed and broken links need to be fixed.
External links need to be validated to make sure they are links you want to be associated with. Internal links to other sites need to be checked to make sure they still exist and once again check their validity.

The main pages need to be search engine friendly and allow the web crawlers easy access to your content so your references are accurate. Constant search result positioning needs to be taken to ascertain any slippage and appropriate action taken. Keyword popularity needs to be monitored so your site follows the trend as against dropping off the back of the wave.

External links need to be promoted and their appropriatness validated constantly.


Very Professional Job - Well Done

Not only do we have all our company information available for our prospective clients to view at all times, we now have an upto date company profile available and a photo gallery of past and present projects.
We are fast becoming much more computer literate and starting to do a lot more business via the Internet.

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