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Loyalty Programs - are they worth the worry?
We all know that it costs more to acquire new customers than it does to retain existing ones.
Recent studies have shown that it typically costs six to seven times as much to acquire a new customer. So how do we retain our customers and enrich their relationship with us. We make it worth their while. We enhance the relationship by keeping them informed, make them a part of the VIP customer group, give them the opportunity to receive benefits that drifting customers wouldn't and we do this with a compelling loyalty program.

Loyalty programs have the potential to significantly impact customer purchasing behavior. They encourage customers to buy more, more often and share their enthusiasm about your brand with others. Running a loyalty program also enables you to collect valuable business information, reduce your marketing spend, increase your company and product awareness in the market.
Consider the many programs on the market and select the one that best fits your industry. If you would like more information and/or discuss the many options available make contact with us via the enquiry form or contact 0409973483 direct..

Latest products Five Bedroom Home for Sale


Want to live 350 metres from the beach and enjoy the Bluff Precinct cafe and restaurants?
Walk about 350 meters and you can be swimming at the best beach in Devonport or you could be dining in Drift Restaurant and looking over the beach and Bass Strait. The home to go with all this is in a quiet court opposite parklands and is set amid colourful gardens with 2 courtyards for entertaining family or friends and is on a block of around 830m2. Built in 1978, it has 5 bedrooms (2 up & 3 down), an ensuite off the master and a second bathroom, a remodelled kitchen, easy flowing living areas and a sunroom/atrium extension which has added more space to living areas and virtually makes you feel as though you are living in the gardens.

Latest products The Necessity Of Search Engine Optimisation?
The majority of businesses now understand that search engine optimisation or SEO is becoming an important part of any online business strategy.

Today it is only the most backward thinking companies that have dismissed the benefits of search engine optimisation, or have not even heard of it.

The emphasis of search engine optimisation is to increase web traffic to a website through the search medium. The process involves changing various elements of the website so that it is more visible to search engines and easier to operate for users.

Currently the market is saturated with so called SEO specialists who are simply jumping on a band wagon that started rolling over ten years ago. Hence it is imperative to know your company, to know they have been around and have extensive experience in SEO.

Vision Computer Systems have been performing the tasks of SEO for many years now and keep up to date with all of the changes and variations the search engines put in place.

Latest products WHAT'S IN A DOMAIN NAME?
It´s no secret that a good domain name is hard to find, particularly within the generic name spaces. But what makes a good domain name a great name?

The value of a domain name, arguably, is proportional to it´s memorability and marketability, but what about the emotional attachment? Can this even be quantified? We´re often asked what resellers are doing to push new registrations in a saturated market and the new ideas they have for their customers.
It´s time to face reality - unless your business name is unique, chances are anything generic is already registered. Statistics show that 3 letter domain names are the hottest web property around. But letï´s take that one step further - let´s assume for a moment that every domain name based on words is taken. What would happen then?

Some resellers have come up with a solution - the registration of 1300 and other phone numbers for their customers. Confusing? Perhaps. Domain names, after all, help us remember IP addresses. They´re the simplest way for a business to advertise in modern media - our customers would never remember, but they most certainly remember